“Daddy I’ll drown” is now available on bandcamp.

Just like “Dust index” this song was originally written by Jill just after leaving Strawberry switchblade in the mid 80s and it was recorded back then on a cassette tape as a demo.
So this is an all new 2014 Shapists version of the song which is very different from the old demo version.

The Shapists latest song “Trees and flowers” is now available for download on bandcamp.

This is our version of Trees and flowers by Strawberry switchblade.
Even though the original song was written by Jill Bryson, we still have to ask for permission from the publishers to use this song.
Artwork by Jill Bryson.

Published By Zoo Music Ltd. All Rights Administered by Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. Used By Permission. All Rights Reserved.

The Shapists latest song “White horses” is now available for download on bandcamp.

We had to delay the release of White horses as it’s a cover version and we had to apply for permission to use the song.
We now have that permission.

This is our version of the UK theme song to the 1965 television show “White horses”.
The original song was written by Michael Carr and Ben Nisbet and sung by Jackie Lee.

So by law we have to state the following which gives due credit to the original writers of this great song :
“White Horses” (Carr/Nisbet). Published by B Feldman & Co Ltd. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

New music

rebel 1I have recently been writing and recording music with my friend Craig Hood and daughter, Jessie Frost. We are calling ourselves The Shapists – after the ficticious Art movement in the classic Tony Hancock film “The Rebel” from 1961, a satire on the pretensions of the Art world. We have almost finished 4 songs so far. You can hear one as part of an interview I did with Revenge of the 80’s radio on Friday 5th July. This will be available as a podcast after this date. For more information go to www.revengeofthe80sradio.com