Jill’s new website

Hi. I’m CRAIG HOOD I’m currently building Jill’s website for her.

I’ve been a huge fan of strawberry switchblade since the second I heard them on the John Peel show 5/10/1982.

This site features exclusive SS content that has not been on Merrick’s excellent and comprehensive STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE WEBSITE

Also, there’s an ARTWORK GALLERY where you can purchase Jill’s artwork directly from Jill, and this updates page will let you know of any important changes to the site.

Site updates

28th July 2012 Added Strawberry switchblade gallery 3

18th July 2012 Changed the blog page titles from “Blog” and “news and site updates” to “Blog and news” and “Site updates

17th July 2012 Added another image of Jill on the aboutjill page

16th July 2012 Added 4 more paintings to the gallery

11th May 2012 Added a mailing list widget to the about Jill page and blog.

11th May 2012 All pages should fit screen size ok on different phones/tablets/pcs. Now working on optomisation for page load speed.

9th May 2012 Still working on making pages fit properly on different screen resolutions/orientations.

7th May 2012 Improved new menu to centre on page, fit page width and work better on iphones.

5th May 2012 Created new menu navigation bar that works ok on iphones.

2nd May 2012 Started spreading the word about Jill’s site on various Strawberry switchblade related websites.

2nd May 2012 Created a new purchase music page.

2nd May 2012 Created a new wikipedia page about Jill

21st April 2012 Moved site to a different webhost.

17th April 2012 There’s been lots of downtime recently caused by the current webhost carrying out maintenance/upgrades, so moving to another webhost in the next day or two.

14th April 2012 Added a non flash SS 2 gallery for viewers with no flash viewing capability.

13th April 2012 Added a non flash SS 1 gallery for viewers with no flash viewing capability.

10th April 2012 Added a non flash artwork gallery for viewers with no flash viewing capability.

9th April 2012 Changed title font and dropdown menu font and appearance.

8th April 2012 Made changes to blog page appearance, borders, table sizes etc.

6th April 2012 Added SS gallery number two.

5th April 2012 Added blog page and changed all menus to suit.

4th April 2012 Added facebook widget to this page and been working on a blog page to be added soon.

28th March 2012 Added paypal “add to cart” buttons to artwork gallery and new background to this page.

27th March 2012 Added a new page for each gallery item that is for sale with proper paypal “buy now” buttons.

26th March 2012 Added photo, background image and biography to the about Jill page. Changed background and other settings in SS page.

25th March 2012 changed homepage resized controls on Strawberry switchblade gallery to fit 768×1024 portrait viewing.

24th March 2012 Added 4 music tracks to the Strawberry switchblade page with small play/pause/next/prev buttons.

23rd March 2012 Added music to the Strawberry switchblade page.

21st March 2012 Added photo gallery to the Strawberry switchblade page.

20th March 2012 Added prices to paintings for sale.

18th March 2012 Added new menu bar to every page.

16th March 2012 Added test lightbox/iframe/more info page to Abutilon at Kew.

15th March 2012 Added animated text effects to image titles and mouse hover text for more info pages.

14th March 2012 Resized all images/thumbnails so they are all the same size for better scroll operation.

12th March 2012 Changed from test images to all required images for gallery with proper titles.

12th March 2012 made each page “fluid” to fit different screen resolutions.

8th March 2012 added 3 more images to gallery resized site to fit landscape & portrait 1024×768 devices

7th March 2012 added test gallery to artwork page

5th March 2012 Site started, added menu bars